Caboo Baby - Baby Wipes Made From 100% Sustainable Bamoboo
Caboo Baby Wipes

Caboo Products are making a real impact on the future of our planet by creating sustainable alternatives to tree-based products. All Caboo Products are made with renewable organic bamboo.

Our Tree Free Baby Wipes are infused with natural organic extracts including Chamomile & Aloe (Soothing), Vitamin E (nourishing), Gromwell Root & Honeysuckle (Antioxidants).

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fibers on earth requiring no pesticides, GMOs, and regenerates quickly.

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Caboo Baby Wipes
Caboo Baby Wipes Products

Our Tree Free Baby Wipes are currently available in three formats: Travel Pack, Flip Top Pack & Value Pack

Caboo Baby Wipes - Travel Pack
Caboo Baby Wipes - Flip Top Pack
Caboo Baby Wipes - Value Pack
Travel Pack
30 Wipes
Peel Tab
100% Tree Free
Flip Top Pack
72 Wipes
Flip Top
100% Tree Free
Value Pack
216 Wipes
Portable Bag with Handle
100% Tree Free